The Lucky Cheese Puff Club

A feel-good novel about three women’s search for slim happiness.

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The Lucky Cheese Puff Club

Lotta, a 39-year old and a news editor on TV. Jenny, 30, works as a copy editor at the advertising firm Behappy. Bibi, 60, marketing director at Ramstedts publishing house. All three of them have everything under control at work, but not when it comes to their weight.

Lotta, Jenny and Bibi are members of the same weight loss website, and start talking when they realise they have something in common, their love for cheese puffs. After some online chatting they decide to meet and form “The Lucky Cheese Puff Club”. Here they give each other support, not only to lose weight. As they become closer friends and the weight disappears they also take new steps in life. Eventually a date with the is where a cheese puff accomplishes the most astounding change in Lotta’s, Jenny’s and Bibi’s lives.