The Final Rest

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The Fatima Wallinder series

Who is strangling prostitutes with a fishing line and then mutilating them?

The clues indicate that Fatima Wallinder and her colleagues at the Gothenburg police have to do with a Satanist cult. When Fatima and her search team start unravelling the case they not only find connections to Satanism but also something far worse.

At the same time Fatima mourns her friend, the prison chaplain Johannes Brobeck, who suddenly has passed away. Could his death have connections to the murder investigation?

The police hunt one or more criminals, merciless in their evil, and who thinks that some people don’t deserve to live. One of these is Fatima herself …

In The Final Rest Ahlstedt returns to his beloved character Fatima Wallinder, investigator at the Gothenburg police force.