The Face of Evil

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The Face of Evil is the third part in Ahlstedt’s well-liked series about profiler Ella Werner at the Gothenburg Police Force.

Ida Neman receives a phone call from her father whom she hasn’t been in contact with for over ten years and decides to meet him. When she arrives she is shocked – a man lies stabbed to death in the walk-in closet. But it’s not her father.

Profiler Ella Werner is assigned the case and the police suspect that Ida’s father is the culprit. Everything is brought to it’s head when Ida’s daughter Fanny is kidnapped by the pre-school’s substitute. His house turns out to be filled with neo Nazi symbols, and Ella finds a calendar with the date September 29th circled. The police fear an attack on the Gothenburg Book Fair is planned. Has the kidnapping on Fanny anything to do with this? What part does Ida’s missing father play?

Ida’s search for her daughter gives her terrifying insights on a dark family secret. It’s not just Fanny’s life that is at a stake. A threatening disaster is approaching and the police fight against time.