The Age of the Blood Beech

Power struggles in medieval Scandinavia.

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The Age of the Blood Beech

King Magnus Eriksson travels with his entourage to a wedding in Helsingborg. His cousin, Matron Inga, is going to marry the Danish King Valdermar Atterdag’s second cousin. The Peace between Sweden and Denmark is fragile and the marriage will hopefully strengthen the bond between the countries.

That Matron Inga is forced to sacrifice her big love for the good of the kingdom, something Magnus isn’t aware of. Nor does he know that treacherous noblemen are planning a bloody uprising during the wedding party. The treason is discovered by young scullion Odd, and Magnus is forced to realise there are few if even anyone he can trust.

At the same time Queen Blanche and the princes Erik and Håkan are still at the castle in Stockholm, where the nobility is plotting. Knight Lars Kalrsson is anxious about the murderous plans and torn between his loyalties: will he follow his friends in treason, or protect the innocent queen and children’s lives?