In One’s Own Hands

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The blue and white tapes on the Western Summer town allotment-garden area was in glaring contrast to the autumns calm and warm colours. A man found dead, tortured and executed. The murderer’s approach feels at the same time impulsive and calculated. Superintendent Sara Vallén at the police force in Lund, who only days before testified against the man who assaulted her, find strength in the void the testimonial left behind and investigate the murder.

The victim turns out to be social secretary Tobias Klingström. The people who knew him describe him as every mother-in-law’s dream: empathic, social, loyal and wise. But Sara smell a rat. No human being can be so angelic. And if he was – why would he be murdered?

It is discovered that the parents to Klingström’s girlfriend, Samira, feel he is everything but a suitable son-in-law and the deeper the police dig the darker are the secrets that are revealed.