An Irresistable Affair

You should separate business and pleasure or do you really need to?

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An Irresistable Affair

The apartment at Riddargatan in Stockholm has become our home, our sanctuary. It’s where we have found our new life without Calle and Jesper. Life how it is today: just my little Lucas and me.

Anna Holm has moved on since her big love Calle died in an accident. She is now chairman for Vansbo real estate and works to get the life puzzle to work. A new love affair is low on the list, after board meetings and food packs to three-year old Lucas excursions.

At a fair in Cannes Ana meets the charismatic bank man Fabian and is swept away in passionate relationship. But it is not only the passion that intrigues her – Fabian also comes with an irresistible business offer, a big real estate deal in Berlin. It means more time for Anna in Berlin, and more time with Fabian. At the same time, she has a bad conscience regarding Lucas. She is always the last one to pick up at pre-school and gets more and more annoyed with child minder Filip, whom Lucas adore. Filip with his worn jeans and t-shirt and his ocean blue eyes who seem to see right through her.

You should separate business and pleasure or do you really need too? The affair with Fabian takes more and more time from Anna, both in work and private. Soon she feels she is losing her baring. And as if that isn’t enough Filip refuses to leave her alone. Now he even wants to meet her and Lucas on a coffee.