Malmsten is here!

Malmsten is here!

New literary agency combines international routine with innovative ideas.

After twelve years as an agent at among others Nordin Agency, Lina Vozzi Salazar will now run the newly established agency Malmsten Agency.

“Our goal is to quickly become one of the big agencies in Sweden”, says Lina Vozzi Salazar.

A clear direction for the agency is an innovative outlook on what it means to work as an agent on an international arena.

“One of our strategies is to discuss directly with some of the international main figures in streamed media. We will work with the concept audio first, game producers and TV-shows. Obviously printed books and audio will still be important, but the format is never more important than the content and the end customer’s choice of platform.”

The agent part in the book industry can be traditional in its structure, but since the way in which we consume stories is changing, new ways of thinking are demanded. A publishing house doesn’t have to be the obvious party in all situations.

“It’s more about who understands a story and an authorship and can manage it in the best way possible.”

Despite the tough competition, Malmsten Agency sees unexplored territory and room for new ideas for the Swedish authors and their works.

“There are quite a few agencies in Sweden, both small and big. But there are also some damn good authorships with an international potential that don’t have international representation. My driving force is to spread Swedish authorships to the world and work long-term with this so the authors can focus on their writing and creativity.”

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Address: S-216 14 Limhamn, Sweden
Malmsten Agency, Järnvägsgatan 17